Sunday, 16 November 2014

Positive Thinking Practical Instructions

  • Perused about this subject, consider its advantages, and convince yourself to attempt it. The force of your contemplations is a powerful power that is continually forming your life. This molding is generally done subliminally, however it is conceivable to make the methodology a cognizant one. Regardless of the possibility that the thought appears weird, try it out. You don't have anything to lose, however just to addition.
  • Overlook what other individuals say or think in regards to you, on the off chance that they find that you are changing the way you think.
  • Utilize your creative ability to envision just ideal and advantageous circumstances.
  • Use positive words in your inward dialogs, or when conversing with others.
  • Grin somewhat more, as this serves to think absolutely.
  • When a negative thought enters your psyche, you must be mindful of it, and try to supplant it with a helpful one. On the off chance that the negative thought returns, supplant it again with a positive one. It is as though there are two pictures before you, and you need to decide to take a gander at one of them, and negligence the other. Tirelessness will in the long run show your brain to think decidedly, and to overlook negative musings.
  • In the event that you encounter inward safety and challenges when supplanting negative musings with positive ones, don't surrender, yet continue looking just at the advantageous, great and glad considerations in your psyche.
  • It doesn't make a difference what your circumstances are at the present minute. Think emphatically, expect just good comes about and circumstances, and circumstances will change likewise. On the off chance that you persist, you will change the way your brain considers. It may set aside eventually for the progressions to occur, however in the end they will.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Thought or thinking generally refers to any mental or intellectual activity involving an individual's subjective consciousness. It can refer either to the act of thinking or the resulting ideas or arrangements of ideas. Similar concepts include cognition, sentience, consciousness, and imagination.

Because thought underlies almost all human actions and interactions, understanding its physical and metaphysical origins, processes, and effects has been a longstanding goal of many academic disciplines including, among others, biology, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. Thinking allows beings to make sense of or model the world in different ways, and to represent or interpret it in ways that are significant to them, or which accord with their needs, attachments, objectives, plans, commitments, ends and desires.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Atriplex ( /ˈætrɨplɛks/[2] Á-tri-plex) is a plant genus of 100-200 species, known by the common names of saltbush and orache (or orach). The genus is quite variable and widely distributed. It includes many desert and seashore plants and halophytes, as well as plants of moist environments. The goosefoot subfamily (Chenopodioideae) of the Amaranthaceae, in which the genus Atriplex is placed in the APG II system, was formerly considered a distinct family (Chenopodiaceae).

The generic name originated in Latin and was applied by Pliny the Elder to the edible oraches.[3]
Saltbushes are extremely tolerant of salt content in the ground: their name derives from the fact that they retain salt in their leaves, which makes them of great use in areas affected by soil salination.
Atriplex species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species; see the list of Lepidoptera which feed on Atriplex. For spiders such as Phidippus californicus and other arthropods, saltbush plants offer opportunities to hide and hunt in habitat that is otherwise often quite barren.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Political transparency and web 2.0

March 8, 2009 by daimyo84
Over the past few years there have been a number of initiatives on institutional transparency – FOI legislation, expenses reporting – that together with greater administrative decentralisation have helped increase accountability in the political system.

Having said this, sleaze is making a comeback which means that we need to up our game once more to continue to enforce honesty in our political system. And with the arrival of web 2.0 we are better equipped than ever to do so.

This week I have come across a fantastic initiative from Sunlight Labs, an American organisation for the advancement of institutional transparency. It’s called LittleSis, an online application that combines facebook-like functionality with Wikipedia-like user editing.

Using LittleSis, any user can edit information in the site and profile those in power. The site focuses on 3 main factors about an individual:  Relationships (which includes Business/Government positions, other memberships, education and donation/grant recipients), Interlocks (people in common organisations), Giving (who they’ve donated to, as well as other individuals that have given to the same recipients) and the basic personal information.

The intiative has a number of challenges ahead of itself obviously, principally anyone could spread a false rumour about a public figure or organisation, but certainly it has a lot of potential to bring public accountablity to the forefront of British politics once and for all.

Web 2.0 has given us greater interaction between our politicians and the people, now applications like LittleSis could provide for a second key requirement for regenerating political life, transparency and accountability.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Houston, we have a problem!

Oh dear… apparently NASA has had to make extra space in the Discovery, the shuttle flying to the International Space Station on Saturday, for a toilet!!. This is, according to NASA, now a priority (it’s not like they can pop out for a quick wee). But somehow absurdly, the specific toilet is made in Russia, so they are flying the toilet from Russia, putting it in the Discovery in Cape Canaveral and flying it to the ISS. Just hold it for a bit longer lads, help is on the way.